Holiday Fried Pecans A Curious Snack

holidayfriedlogoHoliday Fried Pecans‘ rise in popularity can be attributed to its first treat a salty, sweet 100% certified Louisiana fried pecan that is guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding of cravings.  These great tasting pecans that have less fat & calories than raw pecans are a perfect addition to any store. Lightly sweet, Lightly salty great on Salads, Sweet Potatoes, Ice Cream, Cheese Cake or as a snack.  Holiday Fried Pecans are great for corporate gifts givers, retail locations, cooking, baking or solo-snacking!

Aloha Farms – Hawaiian Made

alohafarmslogoAloha Farms: Our Hawaiian made products include Roasted and Green Coffee, Kona Coffee Infused Honey, Candles and Soap. We offer delicious organic all natural Hawaiian treats in a variety of flavors including Apple Banana, Mcadamia Nuts in Milk Chocolate and Tropical Hawiian Peaberry Coffee in Milk. Our natural sun dried and roasted Macadamia nuts are a wholesome treat.

Aloha Farms is located near Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii. At Aloha Farms, we strongly believe that our commitment to sustainable Coffee agriculture & regenerative beekeeping, inspires product excellence! Each time you purchase Aloha Farms products, know you are supporting sustainable efforts in agriculture, Coffee and honeybee stewardship in Hawaii! Our beekeepers & Coffee growers are directly sowing the seeds for a sustainable future in the Islands.

Made In USA Front And Center for Federal Jobs Emphasis

An LPG Greetings worker puts Life Lines Collection plaques through a foiling machine and then a final cleaning before packing and shipping. LPG Greetings Life Lines Collection is made entirely in Wisconsin using designs by American artists.
An LPG Greetings worker puts Life Lines Collection plaques through a foiling machine and then a final cleaning before packing and shipping. LPG Greetings Life Lines Collection is made entirely in Wisconsin
using designs by American artists.

During the summer the White House launched a three-week “Made in America” emphasis to highlight the president’s focus on creating jobs. Companies large and small from every state in the Union featured their products as President Trump emphasized the need to roll back regulations that encourage manufacturers to move overseas.

This newsletter features “Made in USA” product lines every October, believing that it is important for the economic health of the country to continue making things in the USA. Below is a sampling of CAMEO EZ© product lines Made in USA*.

A worker uses a drill during the manufacture of an Imagine Design product. The company uses it's Minnesota-based manufacturing operation to provide jobs and teach job skills for people with barriers to employment.
A worker uses a drill during the manufacture of an Imagine Design product. The company uses it’s Minnesota-based manufacturing operation to provide jobs and teach job skills for people with barriers to employment.

LPG Greetings’ Life Lines Collection of plaques is carefully handcrafted in the company’s Walworth, Wisconsin studios. The designs by American artists go through a ten-step process: cutting locally sourced wood to size, printing, laminating and trimming each design, each print is carefully placed on the wood. After lamination, the product goes through the foiling machine FOUR times so that each side is edged and foiled with a black, green or blue edge. The back is then routed so that the plaque is ready to hang. Finally, each plaque is cleaned, quality checked, stickered with a MADE IN USA sticker and bagged.

Originally founded in 1986 as a giftware business, Imagine Design was acquired in 2008 by AccessAbility, Inc., a Minneapolis, Minnesota nonprofit to serve as a social enterprise providing transitional work and training for people who have barriers to employment. The individuals from the community who work on the Imagine Design business line gain transferable skills in production, inventory, merchandising, customer service and more. Imagine Design home décor and gift items are made using the finest quality materials combined with its own unique designs of media, depth and embellishments. The result is a fun and inspirational gift line that also has a great mission!

Abbey prepares to ship out Tangico orders from Pontiac, Michigan.
Abbey prepares to ship out Tangico orders from Pontiac,Michigan. “Our customers include retail buyers, field reps, promotional distributors and end-consumers,” says Sue Kinch of Tangico. “We do the same thing every day: Orders In–Orders Out–Have Fun!”

“We’ve outgrown the kitchen but we’re still happy,” said Jennifer Garrison, Director of Operations of Tangico, formerly KitchenHappy, of Pontiac Michigan. Tangico is the maker of Snapi, the single-handed server. Sue Kinch, president, joined the company in 2013 determined to deliver customizable Made in the USA products offering low minimum order requirements, no set up fees, quick turnaround and a contagious sense of fun. In addition to its flagship product Snapi and wine stoppers, Tangico now offers wall-mounted bottle openers, key holders, coasters, cutting boards, Christmas ornaments, magnets and shelf sitters.

Grandparent Gift Company Written on My Heart
Grandparent Gift Company’s “Written on My Heart” line is Made in USA. At left is a lead-free pewter heart being cut and at right is a finished product.

Whether real wood frames, uniquely made glass gifts or handmade pewter, Atlanta, Georgia based The Grandparent Gift Co. continues to create and manufacture products made and/or assembled in the USA that delight and inspire customers with one-of-kind sentiments and heartfelt gifts. One of the company’s newest lines for the Holidays features their heirloom quality pewter photo ornaments for new baby, first grandchild and bereavement. The 2.5×5, 100% lead free pewter ornaments are paired with a beautiful sentiment and gift boxed, ready for giving. Pewter is also the spotlight of another of the company’s new American made line called “Written on My Heart”. Written on my heart is a collection of US made frames and pewter heart-shaped ornaments celebrating the life of departed loved ones, including Mom, Dad, Sister and Friend.

Eleven-year-old Elana Barrett is dwarfed by the Heidelberg printing press in the Rochester, NY, facility where her “HuggyBox” note cards are produced.
Eleven-year-old Elena Barrett is dwarfed by the Heidelberg printing press in the Rochester, NY, facility where her “HuggyBox” note cards are produced.

HuggyBox is unusual in that the company was started by an 11-year-old adopted child. When she was five, Elena Barrett’s father left a note under her pillow when he went on a business trip. The note wished her a good night’s sleep and included the word “Huggy”. It told her if she squeezed the note really tight and she would feel his hug come through the paper.

JTP Wholesale makes its monogrammed coasters and bathroom tissue in the USA
JTP Wholesale makes its monogrammed coasters and bathroom tissue in the USA

From this experience HuggyBox was born. The note cards are for sending “virtual hugs”, allowing people to stay connected. HuggyBox makes it’s products in Rochester, New York with soy-based inks on 100% recycled mixed source materials. HuggyBox is also a Proud Partner of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. A portion of each HuggyBox sold goes to the foundation to find families for children in foster care.

Hallandale, Florida is home to JTP Wholesale, which markets a variety of product lines, but the company’s monogrammed coasters and unique monogrammed bathroom tissue are both Made in USA. The bathroom tissue is available as single rolls or in a gift-boxed set. The company also has bathroom tissue in a variety of other patterns like Christmas and Birthday.

The vendors above are just the beginning. Below in “Featured Vendors” you will find Made In USA vendors, indicated by the red, white and blue backgrounds. And there are more:

  • All For Giving
  • Ata Boy
  • Bay Pottery
  • Billy Joe Homewares
  • Betsy Drake Interiors
  • Blair Cedar
  • Candle Cottage
  • Channel Craft
  • Coast Lamp Manufacturing
  • The Cookbook Company
  • Crown Mulling Spice
  • Designs by Beverly
  • The Dish
  • ER Sales
  • Ergo Candle
  • FlashPoint Candle
  • Gently Spoken
  • Golden Hill Studio
  • The Greeting Place
  • Highland Graphics
  • Jeane’s Things
  • Kiss Me In The Garden
  • MikWright
  • My Town Art
  • NMR Distribution
  • Northridge Gardens
  • Next Innovations
  • Oatmeal Studios
  • Pocket Plus
  • Prissy Plates
  • The Professionals
  • PUREFactory Naturals
  • Robicheaux Candy
  • San Francisco Chocolate
  • Sassy’s
  • Sassy Stuff
  • Scandical
  • Shade Tree Greetings
  • Spiker
  • Stephanie Dawn
  • Stephers, Inc.
  • Sunday Greetings
  • Three Kings Gifts
  • Toland Home Garden
  • Unpossible Cuts
  • Unwined Candles
  • White Mountain Puzzles

*For the purposes of this newsletter, “Made In USA” can include products assembled in the US, products where some components are made in the US or products entirely made in the US.

Made All Over the USA

He’s got the red, white, and blue flyin’ high on the farm, “Semper fi” tattooed on his left arm, Spends a little more at the store for a tag in the back that says U.S.A. — Toby Keith

Whether you prefer “Made In America” as sung by Toby Keith, Kanye West or Bon Jovi, the importance of manufacturing within the borders of the USA is a recurring theme in music, movies and news reporting. ABC News’ World News With Diane Sawyer has a regular weekly feature about companies manufacturing in the USA. While the conventional wisdom seems to be that all manufacturing is now done elsewhere, Gift and Home Retailer finds among its advertisers and OmegaNet/CAMEO EZ web sites nearly 60 companies manufacturing all or part of their products in the USA.

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Celebrating Things ‘Made in USA’

seagardenKiss Me In The Garden, Inc. is a family owned business dedicated to manufacturing high quality, American made merchandise. Karen Mandell spent 17 years developing her unique line of products that include body oils, body lotion and cream, shea butter balm and so much more. Customer satisfaction is their primary concern.  A great deal of time and thought has gone into the design of each product.

Karen makes everything that she sells in her factory in Northridge, California. This gives them extraordinary quality control as well as the ability to make a super high quality products and still sell them at a competitive price. Kiss Me In The Garden is always on the cutting edge, continually researching new formulas, new botanical ingredients and new ways to make the product better, more environmentally friendly and more natural. PRODUCTS MADE IN U.S.A.  Because Karen does it all (from the raw ingredient to the finished product), she has superior quality control and can afford to put in large amounts of the finest ingredients on the planet!

website-1Imagine Design is based in Minneapolis, MN and produces a unique variety of home decor and gift items made with the finest quality materials. Items are three-dimensional, embellished, and eye-catching. The best part? All products from Imagine Design are made in the U.S.A. by people with disabilities and other barriers to finding work.  They product lines include fun and functional gifts, framed art, photo plaques and gourmet gifts.  When you choose Imagine Design, you give a gift from the heart.

Scottsdale, Arizona is home to All For Giving specializes in unique and affordable gifts for that someone special. The company produces a wide array of accessories includes: wine stoppers, wine glass charms, wine boxes and faux fur wine bags, along with coordinating picture frames, magnetic note pads, votive candles and coasters. All For Giving collections include: coastal, vintage, classic, animal print all with old world style.

slide4Candles and Quotes of Long Island, NY is a family run business.  Owner, Gina Brunetta began her business with my love of candles. The vibrant colors of the flame, the beautiful aroma and the serenity it offers. Gina says that what she didn’t like about burning traditional candles is the black soot and toxins it releases into the air. So she set out to find a way that to create a beautiful clean burning candle that is safe to burn as well affordable. Since she supports American made products, it was important to her  that her candles be 100% made in America. Gina’s candles are hand crafted and clean burning. She hand pours her candles in small batches to ensure the highest quality is obtained. Oh The Joy of Soy!

thedishThe Dish brings a perfect balance of beauty and whimsy to your table. Whether you want to celebrate your hometown, cheer on your favorite team, or support your political party, The Dish has a collection for your customers. Featuring signature black illustrations on white china, our designs are instantly recognizable and as attractive as they are functional. The Dish works with select artists and designers to create exclusive pieces that celebrate the landmarks and events that make each place we feature special.  Designed and Decorated in the USA.

There are many, many more “Made In USA” manufacturers besides those we’ve featured above. See the “Featured Vendors” below for links to more Made-In-USA vendors, indicated by the red outline and bunting. Many more vendors manufacture and/or assemble their wares in the USA, including: