Made All Over the USA

He’s got the red, white, and blue flyin’ high on the farm, “Semper fi” tattooed on his left arm, Spends a little more at the store for a tag in the back that says U.S.A. — Toby Keith

Whether you prefer “Made In America” as sung by Toby Keith, Kanye West or Bon Jovi, the importance of manufacturing within the borders of the USA is a recurring theme in music, movies and news reporting. ABC News’ World News With Diane Sawyer has a regular weekly feature about companies manufacturing in the USA. While the conventional wisdom seems to be that all manufacturing is now done elsewhere, Gift and Home Retailer finds among its advertisers and OmegaNet/CAMEO EZ web sites nearly 60 companies manufacturing all or part of their products in the USA.

alohafarmslogoAloha Farms: Our Hawaiian made products include Roasted and Green Coffee, Kona Coffee Infused Honey, Candles and Soap. We offer delicious organic all natural Hawaiian treats in a variety of flavors including Apple Banana, Mcadamia Nuts in Milk Chocolate and Tropical Hawiian Peaberry Coffee in Milk. Our natural sun dried and roasted Macadamia nuts are a wholesome treat.

Aloha Farms is located near Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii. At Aloha Farms, we strongly believe that our commitment to sustainable Coffee agriculture & regenerative beekeeping, inspires product excellence! Each time you purchase Aloha Farms products, know you are supporting sustainable efforts in agriculture, Coffee and honeybee stewardship in Hawaii! Our beekeepers & Coffee growers are directly sowing the seeds for a sustainable future in the Islands.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama has been home to The Professionals & Kidsville, USA for the past 40 years. One of the company’s specialties is the Jr. Scrub Suits for children dressing up as: Doctors, Nurses, Dentist, Vets, E.M.T.’s, and Firefighters. The Professionals also cuts, sews, prints, and appliques a wide range of children’s bags and various accessories, plus has professional gifts for teachers, nurses, office staff, etc.

Betsy Drake Interiors is an exclusive line of home decor featuring the original art and designs of North Carolina artists Betsy Drake and R. B. Hamilton. The line includes outdoor/indoor pillows, wall art, kitchenwares, tiles, coasters and more — all featuring Betsy and her husband’s realistic renderings of florals, wildlife and scenes from their travels.

Er’go Soy Candle (pronounced “air-go”) opened its doors in late 2000 in Dallas, Texas. The main focus was to develop the highest quality candle, with absolutely no compromise! The wax used in the candles is a 100% chemical-free vegetable soy wax. By using a pure wax, the company ensures that its premium essential oil fragrance blends will be showcased in their purest form without chemical interference. Er’go Candle is committed to purchasing its raw materials from American companies only! Its wax is actually farmed right there in the Midwest. Even the cotton paper core wicks come from American soil.